LipoBoost ®

Dr Paul Fondacaro talks about the revolutionary procedure LipoBoost for Fat transfer and skin tightening.



Lipoboost® is a significant advance in cosmetic surgery. Developed by Dr Park Ave CEO, Dr. Paul Fondacaro, Lipoboost moves your body fat — from places where you don’t want it, to places you do – with safer, lower-cost, and longer-lasting results.Now you can reuse your own body tissue to improve your: face; hands; bust; and buttocks.This trademarked technique is offered exclusively at Dr Park Ave facilities. The concept is straightforward, yet uniquely effective. For years, patients have longed to remove unwanted inches from problem areas, and be able to use those inches somewhere else. Dr. Fondacaro makes this happen by combining two of the most advanced, cosmetic liposuction procedures, into one. In our new Franklin Lakes NJ office, we employ a Cynosure SmartLipo Triplex™ Laser for maximum liposuction results. Our experience with Smart Lipo, since its inception, has led Cynosure to designate Dr Park Ave as a “Center of Excellence.”

We also utilize a relatively new procedure, referred to as Body-Jet® water assisted liposuction, for harvesting the adipose (fat) tissue.Combining these two procedures takes the aesthetic result to the next level. Using a patient’s own fat as a dermal filler is not a new concept. However, the traditional fat-harvesting technique does not provide long-lasting results. The process entails suctioning out the fat; and then separating the collection, using a centrifuge. Both steps can cause trauma to the fat cells. Adipose (fat) tissue is composed of fat cells with fragile cell membranes. In order to preserve a cell, its membrane needs to be left intact. Avoiding trauma to the fat cells is paramount, to create good yield and lasting results.The Water Assisted Liposuction device, or Body-Jet, reduces trauma to the cells; by avoiding higher suction and centrifuging. As compared to 45-50% retention rate with the traditional method, the Body-Jet reduces trauma; and can achieve up to an 85% retention rate. This technique basically washes the cells from your body. A good analogy would be to envision a garden hose (Body-Jet) aimed at a grapevine. The spray from the garden hose causes the grapes fall, intact, from the vine. The method of harvesting the fat is evident; and one can see how the adipose cells can remain viable.

However, a problem remains: what about loose skin, where the fat has been harvested? This is where Lipoboost is unique — through the combination technique of our procedure. Once we have the all the harvested fat we need, Dr. Fondacaro also uses laser liposuction, to tighten your skin.Cynosure’s most advanced laser gives us more efficient blood vessel coagulation; thus minimizing bruising (if any); and creating more skin tightening. The Smart Lipo also provides maximum fat dissolution — giving patients a leaner look.With healthy fat cells harvested, and skin tightened, we can now reuse the fat as a safe, natural filler.What are the benefits of using your own body fat, as opposed to commercial dermal fillers, or implants?First, Lipoboost provides longer term results than commercial dermal fillers. Juvederm lasts only 6 months; Radiesse at most 12-18 months; and Sculptra perhaps 2 years, at best. Autologous (i.e. your own) fat, harvested with the Body-Jet, can last several years. German research has documented these fat transfers lasting as long as 5-8 years.Second, implants: require an incision; often general anesthesia, increase infection risks; and make reading mammmograms more difficult, as they compress your body’s natural tissue. These procedures also often require a longer healing time.

Given the repeated reapplications of dermal fillers; and the costs, risks, and recuperation time of major surgery; Lipoboost can be seen as a lower-cost, safer; and faster alternative.Where are the most common areas to reuse your body tissue? Most customers ask for applications to the:- Bust: Lipoboost provides a wonderful alternative to implants.- Buttocks: Lipoboost creates definition, and helps you fight the effects of time.- Face: Lipoboost improves naso-labial folds, marionette lines, lips, cheeks, temple area.- Hands: Lipoboost makes veins on the back of the hands less noticeable, creating a younger look.Please call our offices for more information: Franklin Lakes, NJ (201) 485-8400; and Brick NJ (732) 262-5476;For more information about Cynosure, Inc., and the Smart Lipo Triplex Laser, please visit: more information about Body-Jet water assisted liposuction, please visit: